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Othello O.C. Brown

Boxing Instructor


Boxing is the classic American martial sport. It is the art and science of striking. Boxing is fun, fitness, and self-defense in a single package.

What is boxing?

  • Boxing is precise footwork, agility & finely honed reflexes.
  • Boxing is the jab, the cross, the hook, and the uppercut.
  • Boxing is heavy bagwork, hitting the mits, jump rope, and shadow boxing.
  • Boxing is sparring in the gym, amateur fights, and the big show.
  • Boxing teaches you that when life hits you, you hit back.

Boxing earned its tough guy image for a reason. It makes people strong, both mentally and physically. In 2020, boxing isn’t just for young men. Our boxing programs teach people of every age, gender, and fitness level to hold their head high, keep their chin down, and walk with confidence.

Our beginning boxing classes teach the fundamentals in an inclusive, high energy environment. Coach OC provides individual feedback, clear explanations, and fun workout routines that will have you sweating and smiling at the same time.

After learning the fundamentals, you can join the advanced class in the ring. Ready for more? Private lessons will take you to the next level.

Who can do boxing?

Our boxing programs are appropriate for everyone starting at age 8 and above. Our classes are age and skill appropriate and tailored to the fitness and self defense goals of our members.

Is boxing training dangerous? No. Learning how to box is a safe and healthy activity. Despite the media hype surrounding a few professional fights and despite movies such as Rocky that feature fighters getting turned into ground beef, boxing training should ever result in serious injury. Beginning fighters spend the majority of their time doing bag and conditioning drills and learning techniques. Intermediate and advanced boxers wear safety equipment when sparring in controlled situations with appropriate partners. Appropriate training should never result in serious injury and Aspire Athletic Center provides only tailored, high quality training sessions.

Can I take my boxing to the next level?

Yes. If you want to compete in amateur boxing or already do, our advanced classes can take you to the next level. Our advanced program offers intense conditioning, extended training, vigorous ring sessions, and personalized feedback and training plans. Private training is available.

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