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Brad Bolen

3rd Degree Black Belt
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3rd Degree Black Belt
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2nd Degree Black Belt
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Judo is the best kept secret in America. Judo is both a martial art and an olympic sport, and it has a dynamic and versatile set of techniques that will prepare you for any situation.

What is judo?

  • Judo is big throws, quick takedowns, trips, sweeps, and reaps.
  • Judo is arm bars, chokes & ground control.
  • Judo is pin escapes, choke defense & standing takedown avoidance.
  • Judo teaches you how to fall down and get back up, literally.

Training in judo is a whole body transformation process: cardio, agility, balance, strength, reflexes and power.

Will you lose weight? Yes. An intense judo class burns 800 to 1000 calories an hour. Compare that 200 calories an hour walking on a treadmill.

Will you learn to defend yourself? Absolutely. Ronda Rousey, the most dominant female athlete in MMA history, was a judo medalist before joining MMA. Her signature moves came straight from Judo.

Will you develop your all around athletic potential? Yes. Judo has been called the best overall activity for developing youth athletes. The combination of strength training, agility, acrobatics, and cardio prepares you for any future goals.

Who can do Judo?

Judo can be safely practiced by people of all ages and fitness levels. The official USA and International tournament brackets begin at age 4 and have divisions for people 80 years or older.

Don’t believe us, watch this:


Not sure you want to compete in a judo tournament? Judo has many paths. These include:

  • Shiai (tournament play) - playing a live match against a resisting opponent
  • Kata Competition - demonstrating a set routine of judo techniques in front of judges
  • Randori - free practice in the gym with a team mate or partner
  • Recreational practice - work the drills and techniques for fitness and self improvement
  • Refereeing - judo blackbelts can become local, state, national, or olympic referees
  • Coaching - starting at brown belt you can certify to become a club coach and start making a difference in your community

No matter your age, fitness level, or goals, judo has a place for you.


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